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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
The Wildcats are a women�s basketball team and a good one at that. This story concerns itself with their lesbian love affairs, their transgender cheer squad and a surprising romance between one of the players and a very wealthy local woman who is way more than the feminine package she presents.
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    "Miss Helman... Maggie, before we go any further, there's something I have to discuss with you."

    "Lay it on me, little girl!" Maggie giggled. "Tell me there's a boyfriend in your life that will break my heart and I'll scratch your eyes out!" she threatened, giggling.

    "This is serious, Maggie. Can you come over?"

    "Right now?"

    "Yes if it's convenient."

    "Be there in twenty minutes, baby girl. And in case you missed it earlier, I love you!" and the line went dead in Joy's hand Angry tears stung her eyes.

    "Damn it all!" she muttered,. then went out to tell her mom what she had done.

    "It'll be better in the long run darling!" Mom soothed.

    Joy wasn't so sure about that.

    When the doorbell rang some minutes later, she hurried to open the door and usher Maggie into their living room.

    "Hi, baby girl!" Maggie greeted. "Hey why the long face? You look like you been run hard and put away wet!" she joked.

    "Were it that simple," Joy sighed.

    Maggie sat on the sofa as Joy sat across from her. "OK, lat it on me girl, you don't want to be my assistant, do you?"

    "Oh but I do!" Joy exclaimed. "It's just that I... I... can't!"

    "Why not?"

    "I'm not what you think," Joy cried.