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Glen is tired of the stuck-up girls in his high school. A natural actor, he decides to teach them a lesson by attending his senior prom as a girl and show them how a good girl would act. His mom, somewhat amazed at his transformation, supports him, but things go on from there.

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    Then, Wendy (that is to say Glen) paused. "Mom, somehow, right now, I actually feel completely female. Maybe even feeling complete being female? Does it scare me? Should it scare me? I dunno. Am I gonna stop and change my mind? I don't want to.

    "These past couple of weeks have been amazing for me as I've been able to be someone else, playing it straight. I need to do this. I want to do this, if only to be an example for a night. I'm doing it as much as I can only to be perfect because I'm able to do it. But if you want me to forget about it and move on, just say so and I'll stop. The one person in the world I never want to hurt is you." Near the end of 'her' speech, Wendy's voice had reverted to Glen's