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The sexy story of the denizens of Macumba Beach continues to its conclusion.

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    Seeing it again clearly, the four of us sitting on the beach sipping Pina Coladas, watching the red sun sink into the ocean. I had noticed her toe ring with the small inset diamonds, how she extended her foot and said something about her feet being an erogenous zone, how she appreciates a man who will pamper a woman's feet. Looking at me with those dark eyes making my skin prickle. It made me think of my mother's sister, Linda, the time we visited when I was just a kid. Everyone was asleep and Linda took me into her bedroom where I painter her toenails. I was really charged, looking at Linda's long legs, glimpsing a hint of her panties. Then when she got married, I was there that morning, her in fetching underwear. She gave me polish, had me pain her toenail, help her dress.