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This is the sexy and intricate story of the denizens of the Key West resort town of Macumba beach and its aptly named drag club, The Pink Chameleon. One of Max Swytf's best! If you have never read him, try this book out and maybe become one of his ardent followers.

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    Adrena giggled and looked "her" over. He wore a short shiny black maid's outfit, the skirt full, held up by stiff white petticoats. A white frilly apron and starched cap contrasted with the satin maid's outfit, and his legs, smooth and shaven, were adorned in black stockings and looked very feminine.

    Oh her father's face was heavy makeup, highlighted by two bright spots of rouge on his cheeks, lips painted red, overly exaggerated. The lips of a clown, thought young Adrena.