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"It is said that our imagination is ninety percent of our sexuality. This dark tale come from the largest organ of the human body: the mind." Max Swyft

Part three of our dark and sexy story...

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    How did Raven know so much about men who wanted to explore their own femininity? Raven had always known. Her brother was that way and she helped him achieve his feminine goals. Today her brother was a happy man, was married to an understanding woman. Their marriage was open, and her brother's wife was free to engage in extramarital affairs. She always came back to her fem hubby. The two of them were very happy.

    Raven could recommend Dr. Kerry Ashburn, a sexual therapist. Who was knowledgeable in the provocative and latent sexual characteristics of men. this psychiatrist had counseled many couples, and helped many men on the journey to a new, happier self.

    In the back of Marisa's mind was the lurking unasked question. It was one she didn't wish to confront, not now, perhaps, not ever. It scared and excited her to think about it, Steve in the arms of another...

    She could not finish the thought, shook her head to dispel the dark muse.

    All of this was happening too fast.