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"It is said that our imagination is ninety percent of our sexuality. This dark tale come from the largest organ of the human body: the mind." Max Swyft

Part two of our dark and sexy story...

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    "Speaking of kinky," she said picking a pair of black panties from the pile of underwear and holding them out by finger and thumb. "I want you to wear these Monday."

    "Marisa, that's crazy!" He challenged her stare.

    "No, it's not crazy. I think you have a panty fetish and..."

    "No, I don't."

    "Stop denying the obvious, Steve. Besides, there's no harm. I like the idea of you wearing my panties. When I caught you sniffing them it turned me on . I don't know why so dont' ask. Maybe we're a little kinky, too."

    "It's out of the question," he said firmly.

    "These are a hip hugger style and have been in my bathroom hamper all week. I can smell them from here." She extended her arm dangled the panties in his face. "Sniff them, I know you want to."

    "Marisa, you are demented."

    "Don't deny it," she said with a big smile, dropping her eyes.

    Steve looked down at himself, saw the growing lump.