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This is the beginning of another of Max Swyft’s extremely sexy stories. The characters are all kinky and they exist on the fringes of the Cytherea Coterie a secret society that believes in and advances the superiority of all women.

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    The Cytherea Coterie traces its roots back to the turn of the last century and women's suffrage. That from the beginning its ranks contained a significant number of lesbians was no accident. Back then women needed men, those same men who largely dominated society and established its dictates.

    It was a loose coalition of like-minded women at first. By today's standards these early feminists would hardly raise an eyebrow. However that quickly changed over the years. It was taught by a select few of the Coterie's hierarchy that men were vastly inferior to women, that for centuries the dictates of of a male dominated society run by and for the benefit of women...

    ...Early on, these pioneering women recognized man's different physical and psychological traits, separated men into two basic groups: The first group, those men who might be cast in a pleasing effeminate image, were encouraged to femininity. The second group consisted of males, who because of their overtly masculine physical tranits, would be trained as vassals to serve at their mistresses' whims.