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Charles has been caught embezzling money from his condo association. Luckily it�s by a woman who is offering him a way out by selling his home and using the proceeds to make a payback. All he has to do is move in with her and go to work in her dress shop. Well not all, she does have plans to turn him into a complete sissy.

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    She put a finger under my chin and lifted my face up until she was looking straight into my eyes.

    "Charles? You and I are going into my closet. We are going to find clothes that may be of use to you. I expect no more nonsense. As a matter of fact? I want to see you in a skirt and blouse tomorrow morning - and a fresh apron of course - at breakfast. Do you understand me? If you have a problem with that request, I suggest you tell me about it, right now. Do you have a problem?"

    "I don't have to wear women's clothes outside?" I asked weakly, looking for some way I could hld my self esteem.

    "Of course not, you silly goose! I'd prefer it of course, but I can see that you'd have to get used to that," she said, chucking me under the chin - but you DO understand now that I expect feminine clothing and behavior from you inside this house - at all time?"

    "Yes Paula," I muttered, glad to have kept at least a remnant of my masculine pride.