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The story begins with a very hot dream, dreamed by our protagonist, Mickey. Mickey is a fashion designer and the glamourous clothes he is designing are starting to affect him, creating even more dreams of him wearing his designs. It�s starting to make him afraid of continuing work. There is only one solution, especially once one of his bosses understands his potential.

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    In any event, the big pink box was there (ed.: on his desk). Mickey knew right away that the color held some significance. Removing its lid, uncovered from pink crepe paper, there was a satin bra-and-panty, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of 3" high-heeled pumps. All in cotton-candy pink. There was also a small envelope. Inside this, was a card that read, "Your starter set. Love, Bev."

    Mickey knew that it was a friendly gag, so he did not get upset. Still, without further examination - like taking anything out - he closed the box and took it to his boss' office. What with her open door she could see him coming. The closer he got, the first thing she did was unplug her phone. By the time that he arrived at her threshold, her small smile had grown exponentially.

    Without a thought, he closed Bev's door and placed the box on her desk before sitting.

    "You have such dainty feet," she said. "Don't tell me I got the size wrong. I'm very good at guessing these things."

    "The bra too?" Mickey said readily playing along. "I didn't even know that I was a 36-C!"