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Madeline has a secret. Her ex has been sending her money for years to support the daughter that actually she put up for adoption a long time ago. Now he wants to see her. If discovered it could mean jail time and certainly would ruin her little family. She decides her only recourse is to dress her own teenage boy as a girl and pass him off as the missing girl. At first the lad is horrified, but eventually starts to discover the seductions of femininity.

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    "But Mum... Please don't do this to me..."

    "Now look, Jamie. Your father and I have given you time. We allowed you to think about things over the weekend but at the end of the day, we've told you what is going to happen. We don't have much time to get this right. The lady from the theatre, Stella is her name, comes today and we will choose a wig. Then we will practice for a couple of hours a day and the rest of the time is yours. Then in the evening we will dress you for dinner with your father so you can get used to being at a table and speaking like a young lady. Obviously, Oskar is going to take a close interest in you and you need to feel confident and self-assured."

    Tears started to roll down Jamie's face. "But Mum, I can't do it..."

    "You can, Jamie, and you will. I will see to that. Now, no more histrionics."

    Jamie ran off to his room, leaving madeline to shake her head...