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This is a kind of Twilight Zone story. Gene is hit by a car on his way to school. Now his injury isn�t really anything, but he did hit his head and finds, the next day, that not only can he hear other�s thoughts, he can project his as well. It is more than a conversation as it turns out, he can actually alter their sense of reality, making them do just about anything. So what does a constantly horny teenager do? He has sex with every woman he sees, but it doesn�t stop there. He eventually changes his dad in a surprising way.

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    Thereafter, as Ted was put through the paces of femininity by Susan, the 'invisible' Gene observed what even he considered to be fascination. It was one thing for Ted to meekly put on his first pair of panties, to willingly allow Susan to pad and conform his chest into a woman's bosom. It was quite another as Ted was shown how to move and act feminine. And when he began doing everything on his own, from being now conditioned to be this way, from motions and makeup to wear and voice, the finished product could be deemed nothing but fantastic, it its radical difference.

    Seeing his father's ass swish and sway in a tight-ass short skirt, bottomed out with sexy stockings and high heels, was an automatic turn-on for Gene, even though he knew he caused it. He had no idea it would turn out this good. All done up, it was almost as if Ted was always female.