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The strangely intense and sexual saga of Gene and his ongoing exploration of his new powers continue, as he discovers he can actually modify other people�s bodies.

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    Ted Sawyer had become a 'perfect' crossdresser. Which was another way of saying that he was undetectable as a female when so dressed. Ever since he brought his few changes of clothing, wig, and assorted accessories home, his feminine belongings had not only increased, but 'Teddie' was female for much longer periods of times than the former trysts at the office. Teddie even went out on many different occasions - with or without 'her' spouse - without trepidation; even inviting attraction via flirting. Yet Teddie only flirted, as much as her attractiveness allowed; just as any other pretty woman might mildly flirt.

    She would intuitively feel someone's eyes on her, catch them, smile back but then look away. If Rita was not around, Teddie knew where to draw the line and never pursued any male attraction. Conversely, any male pursuant to her was tactfully rebuffed and he sanely accepted. While attractive, Teddie gained no suitor that would not take "no" for an answer.