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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

A classic western complete with stage coach hold-ups, cattle rustlers, prison breaks and Indian fights, but with a Mags Inc spin. Gene Baker, a woman who runs the largest ranch in the area, stops a hold-up and thereby meets one of the passengers, a Miss Nancy Rose Burdette. Of course these main characters are more than they seem on the surface and we learn how their possible romance evolves even as the western drama unfolds.

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    "We're going to fight for you tomorrow."

    "Fight for me?"

    Gene nodded, "Yep winner takes all."

    "You mean a fist fight?"

    Gene shook her head. "Naw, running Deer ain't that stupid! He's seen my use my firsts before. Nope we'll use knives. I got my trusty ol' Arkansas Toothpick, so I ain't a bit worried. Wa'l, not too much," she amended hastily.

    "Heavens! What if he wins?"

    "then he gets you. At any rate, I'll be dead so I won't be able to heop you!"

    "You mean he intends to kill you?"

    Gene nodded. "Yep but not to worry, I'm pretty good with a knife too!"

    To herself, 'You'd best hope yer better'n him!"

    "and if you win?" Nancy persisted.

    "Then we ride on out of here,"

    "But I heard him call me a berdache. What's that?"

    "It means a man who lives as a squaw."

    "Oh." Nancy fell silent. Then, "Miss Baker?"

    "Yes, Miss Burdette?"

    "There's something you ought to know."

    "I know," Gene replied, not having a clue as to Nancy's intent.

    "You know?"

    "Yep. Now get some sleep. It'll be a long day tomorrow."