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Our story of the self discoveries of two crossdressers in an advertising agency continues. As this story is based on the experiences of the two authors, both long term crossdressers, it is full of excellent information presented as part of an engaging saga.

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    Kat (Ryan) waited to gauge his reaction. A quiet hung in the air. He remained passive, looking at her with friendship and understanding in his eyes.

    "And," he began. "What changed your mind? I mean, well I can guess..."

    She stopped him. "No. Let me finish I was an angry man." She looked down as she nervously rubbed her press-on fingernails together. The irony of sitting on a sofa with a shaved body wearing a dress and heels, makeup and a wig, was not lost on her.

    "I was an angry man." Kat repeated more quietly. "I think I was angry that the one thing I wanted was forbidden to me. That all my feelings on you were the pronouncements I had made on myself in high school. I was called a freak. A faggot. A weirdo. I guess getting beat up and forced to do all those things I did in high school were my just deserts for being... for being," she threw her hands in the air in frustration.