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The story picks up after Chris has been thoroughly feminized by his captors and forced to live as a young woman for several months. Despite the emotional discomfort, Chris has to admit to himself that being pretty isn't all bad. He takes a job at a seedy local nightclub only to find out that Leroy, the owner, has palns for him. Plans that include turning Chris into a prostitute.

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    When Thursday came, Chris was filled with trepidation. He was going to be in a place full of people he didn't know, on his own, working as a female. Yet again he reflected on how he had come to be in this kind of mess. But he knew he needed to pay his way in the apartment... an apartment he had never had a wish to live in to begin with. He also knew he had to make himself look as female as possible so that the clubgoers would not see through his disguise... see that he was really a male.

    A few hours before setting off, Chris took a long shower and pased a razor over his skin, something he'd had to do ever since he had been captured. He worked especially hard on his arms and legs which he knew would be ther most on show, as well as his face.

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    Part 2 is even better than Part 1!

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    Deena Gomersall does it again by writing another great book adding to the situation that Chris is now in. Feminized and forced to become a prostitute, it is exciting to see what happens next!