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An intriguing story that starts with an email from Mark at Mags Inc to the author of several of the books that has been selling. It seems that there is a Hollywood producer that wants to make some of the stories into movies, but only if this author comes to LA as her crossdressed self, Sarah Thorpe. The adventure begins there.

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    I walked out the door and to the limo. The driver opened the door for me and I sat in. The ride was smooth and I soon started thinking about my situation. Here I was in a limo, far from home, transformed into a woman and on my way to a film studio. Suddenly I felt very vulnerable. What was I doing? What if something happened? I was made into a woman with artificial breasts, a gaff that looked just like a female front, a corset so tight around my waist that it hurt. And I knew no way to remove these things. I would even have problems removing the wig. I was dressed and looked like a woman with only a handbag as luggage. I had few dollars and a credit card, but that was issued in my rel name and wouldn't be of much help. I couldn't even use my passport since that showed the male me. Suddenly I got the jitters.

    The driver saw my reaction and said, "Just calm down, Ms. Thorpe, everything is OK. Mr. Sutton is waiting for you and very eager to meet you. Rest assured everything will turn out fine.