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This is the story of a police program that transforms young men into appearing to be lovely young women for the purpose of undercover work. It focuses on one officer in particular, Annie Wolfe, once Arnie, who has come to have much success solving cases as a woman. It's a story of change and mystery.

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    "As you can see," Annie opened, "it is fully possible to transform an average guy into a beautiful girl. Actually it's not very uncommon that boys/men dress up as girls/women. Some do it in public, some do it in clubs, some do it on stage, and some just do it in their own home. Why do they do it? Well mainly it's because they like it. but why do they like it? Nobody actually knows, but very often it has to do with something that happened during their childhood. Personally I don't see any problems with it. Dressing codes for the sexes has always been decided by society and not by the individual. When somebody breaks that code, that person is looked upon as a freak. Why? Because since you're a man you should dress in a suit and tie, and if you're a woman, you should wear a dress? It's the society that lays down the rules on how you shall be dressed."