Mags Inc
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A group of male friends have had a yearly bet. Each year one would be chosen to disguise himself in any way that they want and try to fool the others into not recognizing them. The final one, Jimmy, has a girlfriend who thinks if he lets her make him into a woman, he will be the first to win. She takes him to see a drag performer friend of hers, which opens up a whole new world of friends and ideas, and the changes begin.

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    "You seem pretty confident that I would do this," Jimmy replied, "and I think you had a right to be. There are a few conditions though. One, we'll only do it in our house when we're alone; two, I won't dress up fully until I feel the time is right to do so, and three, none of this must ever be known to other people, at least until I have to do the trial."

    "That's all right. I will set one condition, and that is that you try on more and more female garments, also in combination, so you can get used to it all. I will also teach you the necessary feminine manners and you must keep them separate from your male manners."

    "That's fair. I'm ready to start."