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The whole new life for Jimmy, now Janet, continues in this conclusion to our story. Is becoming a famous actress a possible future for him/her?

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    "Fine, and now to the main reason why I wanted to see Janet. Are you interested in playing the role of Adrian/Annie Wolfe once we start shooting? I think you're the perfect choice for the role. I've read the three books and I think they will make a great movie, maybe even for the big theaters."

    "You must be kidding. I have never been in front of the camera before, and to be honest, I don't think I can do it. Karl/Kari is a much better choice as he/she does commercials from time to time."

    "I'll take a look at him as well later. I'm sure you will make it. The only thing that makes me a little uncertain is how many of your feminine gesture will you use as Jimmy. None I hope."

    "Ok let me finish. I want to see Jimmy in action. The best way for that is if you change back. Doing it today is a little to late since you're out to location tomorrow morning. I know that set for next week is not far away so you can be home early on Friday. Change back on Saturday, and I'll meet you again on Sunday. What about if we could come and visit you?"