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Adrian has been raised by a single mother and her parents. Her mother, soured on men, has influenced a feminine aspect in him, even going so far as to dress him occasionally as a girl. He adores his grandfather, a police officer, who has instilled a sense of the masculine in him. Once he gets out of college he takes a job in a force in California and when they are looking for someone to go undercover as a transvestite, he begins to live a life of the best of both worlds. But how far will he go toward the 'ultimate decision'?

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    "Adrian," he said, "we have received your e-mail where you volunteer to work for us undercover as a woman. Am I right?"

    "Yes you are, sir."

    "Fine. Ms. Dexter and I have looked you over, and we both think you are the prime candidate. We have met with three others that also volunteered, but they look nowhere like you. We have also looked at your records, and they are most impressive for a guy that's only been with the force for 18 months."

    "What impressed me the most," Carol continued, "is your looks. I can see immediately that you will make a very beautiful woman. All your features point in that direction. And when you additionally are an expert with handguns and in the martial arts, we have decided that you will be the right person for what we have in mind. Are you still in?"

    "Yes, I'm in, but I would like to know what this is all about before I make a final decision."

    "That's fair," David said, "and let's be on first names from now on. You see, what has happened is that we have had two homicides recently in our district, and both have involved men dressing as women."