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Mark was in his last months as an undergrad and broke, when he meets, Judith, a neighbor. She asks him for help assembling a computer desk and while they are at it, mentions that she would love to have him help with the household chores, be a maid as it were. Well the money is perfect for him and she is a sexy lady that he suspects has worked as a hooker, and he jumps at the chance. He is destined to become more than just a maid in name.

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    She lifted her red tipped hand and dangling from it was a pink bra and panty set. "Sorry sweetheart, I didn't have a spare bikini that will fit you" Her tone dripped with feigned sorrow. "But you can borrow these and laze in the sun with me, or, if you want, we can find you a suitable top and you can slave over the housework."

    My choice was plain. Work in a skirt all day or join her wearing the lacy underwear in the sun. "Can't I do both?" I asked. I was due back in college the following week and didn't want to let the washing pile up on me.

    "Of course you can." She said with that air of confidence about her, which quieted the tiny alarm bells that were ringing at the back of my mind. "I have absolutely no objections with that. Got much to do?"

    Except for her scanty clothing and the smile crinkling her full lips, the conversation that followed could have taken place any morning as I went on and on about college interfering with my housework. Making sympathetic but amused noises Judith seemed content to wait until I was finished washing up before she moved out to sunbathe.

    "Done?" She asked briefly as I gave the sink a final wipe over.

    "Nowhere near." I laughed and pointed at the washing basket. "I've got that lot to wash yet, and the stairs need doing."

    "Well I'm not waiting any longer," Judith said, and added firmly, "let's find you a suitable top and let me get into the sun."

    Walking back into her bedroom it occurred to me that she may have anticipated this in advance when I saw a black sleeveless top with diamante decoration lying on top of her bed. "Oh and yo might as well as slip on your bikini too, sweetheart!" she giggled clambering out of the widow and onto the roof. Resting her arms on the windowsill she looked back into the room and grinned encouragingly at me as her face took on that bossy look. Gave me a sexy wink as she said sharply, "Now! Not next week. You have work to be getting on with!"