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We are excited to introduce a new author to Reluctant Press, Anna Komena. In her story Jimmy is an aimless young man who takes a stockboy job at the Ladies World Fashion store. Soon he is elevated to a job as a 'salesgirl' and soon after that, he starts to change his presentation to fit his job description as per his domineering aunt, and a friend.

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    "I can't go home like this!" he squealed. "What would my auntie say?"

    "You can't go home like what?" Margery asked innocently.

    "Y... You know, dressed like a g... girl," Jimmy whispered, frantically indicating his pretty dress, afraid the cab driver might overhear them.

    But Margery just pooh-poohed his concerns. "The earlier Betty sees the new you, the better. Or did you want to keep your time as a girl a secret from her?"

    Margery had to literally push the pretty would-be miss into her home. Betty couldn't believe her eyes, but then clapped her hands, as she recognized her nephew under all the girlish findery. Jimmy could only stand in horror, as she and Margery gushed over his beauty and feminine charms. Betty made him sit on the sofa and was excited when she saw that he handled his skirts like a proper lady and elegantly crossed his legs at the knees. Margery then filled her in with all the juicy details of why he was dressed like a woman, they they now called him Jenny, and why he would have to continue this charade for probably another month.