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Someone is brutally killing transgendered women and Police Detective David Miller has caught the case. Eventually it leads him to a club frequented by crossdressers and transvestites and it seems that the best way to flush out the killer would be to position a male detective, dressed as a woman, in that club and wait. Another police officer Adrian Wolfe volunteers for the assignment. A spellbinding lustful murder mystery with an unexpected twist!

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    "And now one of the most important items in your transformation, your breasts. The falsies you're wearing now are in no way adequate, you need something better. And her's the answer, breasts made out of silicone that can be glued on to your body and stay there for weeks. We can even blend them to your skin with make-up so no one can see where skin ends and silicone begins. Take off your bra and I'll show you how we do it."

    Annie did as she was told, lay her bra and falsies on a table and sat down in the make-up chair again. Vicky rinsed Annie's chest, took up one of the new silicone breasts and applied some kind of glue to it. She pressed it gently against Annie's chest, increasing the pressure slowly. When satisfied, she did the same with the other breast. After a few minutes she started applying some special kind of make-up in the area where Annie's new breasts met her skin. It took almost ten minutes before Vicky was satisfied. She looked at her work and smiled. " Now you're as much woman as you can be without hormones and operations," she said to Annie.