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A young man, Taylor, falls in with a group of four slightly older athletic types believing that his success in baseball makes him part of the group. It doesn't. One of them decides that he is "beneath contempt" and forces him to accept that he is a pussy. A dress, makeup and a wig soon follow and so begins the new "Bambi's" life.

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    "I told you she was a pussy," Dick grinned. "She tried to dress like a guy, but I saw right through her disguise and convinced her that from now on she should drop pretending and dress like a girl."

    "Damn," Frank muttered. "he really does look like a girl, doesn't he?"

    "SHE," Dick insisted. "She IS a girl, got it?"

    "What will we call her?" Art asked, playing along with him. "She needs a name."

    "How about 'Bambi'?" Frank suggested.

    "Bambi was a boy, you idiot," Bob argued.

    "So." Frank replied, "this Bambi was a boy, too, before Dick got hold of her."

    "I like it," Dick smiled. "We'll call her Bambi."

    Throughout this entire exchange I just stood there, head bowed in shame, unable to believe what was happening. Not only did the other guys voice no objections to what Dick had done to me, they actually seemed to be enjoying my discomfort.