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Deena Gomersall's story of magic, mystery and transformation continues to its conclusion in Part 2 of The Pendlebury Witches, as Dan's transformation to witch and woman progresses.

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    Thursday brought about the start of Dan's Fifth Level raising. When he came down from the bedroom, the other witches all noticed a difference in him, how he was walking, how he was conversing and, most of all, certain feminine mannerisms that he was using. Harriet herself was not surprised; she had been giving him potions that would eventually feminise his mind to go in tune with his body, together with the talk that they'd had together the night before.

    As it became time for them to start their incantations, asking the witch spirits to raise what was inside Dan from birth, on this occasion Harriet gave Dan a metal hairband to wear. The band looked very old and was a burnished gold with three rubies set on each side. There was also a matching ring, again set with three rubies, for his second finger.