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What do you get for the woman who has everything? It all began when Henry agreed to celebrate his wife, Bea's 40th birthday dressed as a woman. Henry - aka, Honey - thinks it's going to be a night out on the town with the girls, but Bea sets him up with a date for the night and Honey wakes up the next morning in the arms of a sexy blonde man...

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    "One by one, Bea put away my men's things, and bought me more women's things, and taught me how to wear them and how to combine them with each other. Now I love them. Even my men's clothes now are really women's clothes, man-tailored. They feel just... well,,, right. I feel... complete in them. And waking up everyday and choosing my wardrobe is a whole new adventure for me. I love waking up each day!"

    Pearl seemed to be overwhelmed by what I had said. "So for months now," she said almost misbelieving, "you've been wearing women's clothes at home full time, practicing walking in high heels, and fixing your lipstick, and letting your wrists hang free, and things like that, becuse Bea wats you to and you like it, and it feels good?"