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It all began when Henry agreed to celebrate his wife, Bea's 40th birthday dressed as a woman. Honey (Henry) now has a job as a receptionist but soon finds out that she was hired for more than her clerical skills... Honey's new found expertise lands her on her knees and she soon finds out what the men in her office want with their morning coffee!

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    "So do you agree to remain gagged for now. Your hands are free, and you could take off the gag, but I want you to keep in on. Right now, you only need to listen to me and nod 'yes', and the gag won't prevent that." I nodded. "Go put on a nice dress and heels and then come downstairs."

    It was a strange feeling, selecting a dress. putting it on, and slipping into a pair of high heels all the while my mouth was filled with a gag I could remove at any time. Why didn't I remove it? Did I want to, but was afraid? He would never have harmed me physically, certainly. Was I beginning to enjoy submitting in my own house to a lover acting under my wife's orders?