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What do you get for the woman who had everything? How about a made-to-order feminized husband? When Honey's experience with clerical work doesn't work out, Bea decides it's time for a new name and a new profession. Enter Prissy, the sexy French Maid. Bea "lends Prissy out for the night" to perform her services. After serving up some sexy main courses, Honey winds up on the desert menu.

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    "... I want to see you perfectly groomed and dressed at all times - of course not while you are scrubbing the kitchen floor, for example, but before and after. And certainly, when you serve my meals I will want to see clean uniforms and aprons. Expect to change aprons at least three times a day, so they always look freshly starched, particularly if you're wearing one of your nice pinafores with these flouncy shoulder straps."

    "You will address me as 'Madame' at all times and in the third person, as for example, 'would Madame like another cup of coffee?" I am always your employer even when you are off duty, and you will always show me appropriate respect. We are no loger social equals. Forget that I was once married to your former self, and that you onece called me 'Bea'.