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The conclusion of our mystery/crossdressing/transformation story.

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    The girls said goodbye and gave Brian a light kiss on his cheek. It seemed that Eva's kiss lingered a little longer than the other two. Back on the street they stepped into Annie's car to drive back to the hotel to pick up the other two cars. While driving Annie suddenly turned to Kim and asked, "Kim, have you ever thought about cutting off that thing between your legs and become like Eva and me?"

    "Yes the thought has occurred to me several times. I am in great doubt myself, some days I will, some days I won't, But the decision is not only mine, it is Alice's as well. In this case I must listen to her as much as I listen to myself, I know it will happen someday, I just don't know when. In the meantime I will enjoy having it as much as I can."

    "I understand. but when the day comes, I think Eva and I can talk to the Bureau and let their surgeons to the job. You deserve only the best, and the best is what we've got."

    "I know, and I'll be happy to take you up on that offer."