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This is the beginning of an intriguing mystery involving a bank robbery gone badly, a mystery on how one of the supposed robbers was in two places at once, and a man, who took that job opening for a prosecutor offered to a woman, yet managed to pull it off. Read carefully as the plot twists and turns.

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    The rest of the week Kim spent as a woman full time. She cleaned the house, did some shopping and just hung out at the mall. Every day she prepared dinner, something Alice really appreciated. On Friday afternoon Alice said, "Kim, tomorrow you will go through the ultimate test. Some girls from the other branches of the bank have come to town and they want to go out on the town tomorrow. I've volunteered to escort them and you will accompany us. You can dress up in the new red dress. We've planned to have some drinks, a meal, go to a male stripper club and to a disco afterwards. We will be six girls all together and you just have to do what the rest of us are doing."

    Kim almost fainted. This was much more than she was prepared for. She wanted to protest, but after a few seconds she saw the sense in what Alice had said and promised to come along. "I'll be there," she said, "I just hope you don't want me to pull off my bra and panty."

    "Don't worry. You just have to tip the strippers and dance with the men at the disco. I hope you can do that."

    "So do I."