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Cecilia Luciano, sister to the Don, Ernesto Luciano, is a made woman and a ruthless killer. Also known as the "Dike" do to her eccentric tastes, the Don dispatches her to track down Jeremy Fulton, who foolishly stole $200 million from the family. Thus begins a story of murder, mystery, sex, female domination and crossdressed disguise.

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    IV. Jeremy Fulton

    I didn't believe a word Cecilia Luciano said. Her eyes told me I was a dead man. I knew she'd kill me without a second thought as soon as she got hold of the stash I'd stolen from her brother, Don Ernesto. She looked at me and understanding came into her eyes. She put two and two together really fast. She knew what I was thinking.

    "Ernie was boxed tonight." Cecilia said with a sardonic smile. "No-one has the right to take out my brother but me. Now, I have to get even." She said the last with real bitterness. "I don't have a regime under to to call on. I won't be able to hold onto you, and sweat the money out of you, before you beg me to kill you. No, honey baby, I gotta get you past the Zattis tonight. I got to keep you alive. You think how we can make this work with the money but, in the meantime, we're gonna get you out in the same way you got out of St, Paul's"

    I almost threw up as she said that. "But I was dressed as a woman then," I gasped, shivers running through me as she raised the little gun in her hand.

    "I know," the Dike said with that killer smile on her face again. "Get your clothes off, little girl. We're gonna have to do a much better job than you did in St. Paul's if we're gonna get you out of this hotel, alive."