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Our mob story continues as Cecilia struggles with her position in the dangerous world of mob family and our new Nancy (once known as Jeremy) is sinking ever deeper into subjugation and depravity as a plaything for that same family.

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    16. Nancy

    We girls, ooh, fashion models, we really were, clattered down the steps, giggling together, as we left the room where we'd put on our show. Gosh, how we now walked just like the girls we were supposed to be, models, wiggling our tushes, flicking out long hair over our bare shoulders. Yes we wore fashions by Jame Molloy, tiny skirts that showed off our long, lovely legs and tiny tops that showed off the female attributes that shapely feminized us so much, the wobbling breasts that we all had.

    There were boyfriends waiting for us, taking us in their arms and kissing us. Yes, Carl treated me just as all the other girls were being treated by their men. He kissed me, making me shiver all over, as we clung to each others' arms, holding and caressing one another. We models were told how wonderful we were, how lovely and so feminine, and what a fantastic show we had produced!