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The exciting conclusion to Ms. Wright's story of mobsters and forced transformation.

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    As I expected, our session in the shower was soon interrupted. I slipped the clapper out of the sink as I toweled by girlfriend's hair. Nancy clung to me in fright as the screws sniggereda s the looke us over.

    "A skank and a slut, said a big mouthed, psychotic bitch, swirling a heavy black truncheon about suggestively. "Doncha wish your girlie has one o' these? she sneered.

    Well, it was about time to make a stand.

    "Ooo, that's a good one, I told her. Probably matches the one in your pants."

    "Don't" called out one of the other women by the door tot the bathroom, but the bigmouth was already swinging at me. It was a very simple move to duck her arm, shattering the elbow as the arm passed down my body. Yes, her stick was mine. She got to feel what it was like as I rammed it as hard as I could up her ass.