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So the story of Andy continues and what happens here? A terrifying encounter with the rapist himself? Admiration as a hero (or heroine)? A whole new feminine identity? An escape from the gang of young hoodlums he used to call his friends? A hot romance with a boy? The continued struggle between resignation and acceptance over his new existence? Read and find out!

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    Andy reacted badly to the news that he was supposed to stay in character as his sister, continuously, for a few weeks or more. It wasn't that he was scared of being found out that he was really Andrea's brother, a boy in a dress, not that he didn't enjoy himself hanging out with Andrea's freinds, or even that he felt uncomfortable about meeting with his sister's boyfriend on dates. To the contrary, Iam was being like a true gentleman and giving him the space he'd asked for, and he had fun, lots of fun, when out with Andrea's friends. But that was the problem, he was enjoying it, and that concerned him, especially after what his dad had said; maybe he was getting too stepped in the role and it was changing him, psychologically.