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Dreams, our hero has dreams! He has dreamed he is dressed in all kinds of feminine finery for most of his life and as a reaction grows into a complete chauvinist in order to cover up what is becoming an obsession. Somehow, the women he works with sense something about him, something longing for the soft and feminine life.

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     Looking in the vanity mirror I wasn't surprised to see a very pretty girl looking back at me. I was proud of the woman I had become, certain any woman would be jealous of the way I looked.

    Holding my hands up in front of me I examined my long, glamorous pink fingernails before I picked up the tube of pink lipstick, removed the cover and turned up the base. Leaning forward I pushed the tube hard against my full lips and applied a generous coat of the bright pink makeup.

    The doorbell rang so I stood up and slipped on my four-inch heel fuzzy toed slippers. I giggled at the sight of my ten pink toenails poking through the end of the slippers. I secured my pink chiffon robe with the pink strings ending in pink fuzzy balls and walked to the front door of my apartment.

    I felt like skipping but instead continued my walk in a deliberate, mincing lady-like fashion. The Pink chiffon peignor set flet good against my hair free girly skin just as walking in my high heel slippers gave me a womanly feeling. To say I felt almost delicious would be an understatement. At the front door I brushed my hair back with one hand and opened the door.