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Oh my gosh, in book 2 the young man's humiliation continues as one degradation after another is heaped upon him. Or is it her now?

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    In book 2, his Nanny declare's "she's" to young to bathe "herself". Next, to her shame the Nanny proceeds to potty train her. Next she's taken to a Doctor and given pills to improve her lack of boobies and boyish behind.

    There's nothing she can do until she can figure out how to run away. Her "auntie" hires a teacher to home school her and she's treated like a first grader. Tom make her less tomboyish, the aunt sends her to dance class and charm school, where she becomes a Junnior Princess, dressed in a toddler-like uniform and her hair pt in childish sausage curls. She can't believe her aunt loves her new look and emplys a seamstress to create a "more fitting" wardrobe with bllers and bonnets.