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Oh the English Aunt who won't take any back talk from a cheeky high school boy, it's a character that we have come to love. In this two book series, the boy in question is on a downward spiral of age regression and humiliation.

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    A rebellious young male is sent to a distant aunt in England to be straightened out and educated. He sees her son, Leslie, in kilts and refuses to wear them. The aunt declares he'll be treated the age he acts and is laced into a corset and put into a childish bodice kilt, after being spanked by his governess. Of course he is laughed at and ridiculed by his teenage cousins.

    After graduating he's hired by one of the aunt's friends as a junior groom. In addition to a groom's normal responsibilities, he's taught how to preform more intimate services. He's constantly being "prettied up"  and eventually is mistaken by a guest as a maid. He is then dressed in clothes meant for a 13 year old and the guest hires him, he thinks, as her maid. What she does instead is turn him into a little girl, exactly what she has always wanted.