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Peter Lewyn locates and identifies looted artwork from World War II. When he receives a phone call regarding the death of his long time mentor from a mysterious woman, he is led into a mystery where no one is what they seem to be.

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    "Promise you won�t hate me," she said suddenly.

    Leaping to her feet as I sat up looking at her, she stood on the bed like a child at play. She turned slightly away as she pulled lowered her panties exposing the cleft between her nether cheeks and no more. Then, as she turned to face me directly, she lowered her panties and stepped out of them.

    The incongruity of this slender feminine body adorned by this shocking anomaly took my breath away even as Freddie declaimed, "See! See what you were going to make love to, to a freak! I�ll bet you don�t want me now."