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Forced to disguise himself as a girl and living destitute in a strange city, our newly minted rollerblading waitress, Danny, is subjected to repeated and ever more embarrassing trials, thanks to Alex his new boss and now roommate. To make matters even worse. Bret, the captain of the local roller hockey team (surely you remember Brett from part one) is even more interested in this fascinating new girl in town. Next Brett and Danny are seen skating together and are chosen to represent the town in a national roller-dance competition. How will he ever pull it all off?

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    Allowing another man to lead him was almost as the dance costume he was wearing. But Danny skated backward, and soon found he did not need to keep looking behind if he trusted and followed the directions Brett sent to hmi through subtle motions of his body. Danny even learned how to execute a spin, as Brett would indicate it through lifting and rotating he boy's arm.

    Danny and Brett continued to skate like this, face to face Danny held securely in Brett's arms, making wide, lazy circles and figure eights across the length and width of the arena. Danny simply lost himself in Brett;s disarming smile once again. It took far too much effort to maintain a hatred of the man who had tried to have him beaten and arrested; it was far easier to simply give in and be the girl everyone expected to fall for Brett's beguiling charm.