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Marooned after being injured and then dumped by his roller hockey team, Danny finds himself in a hospital recovering from a concussion. He sneaks out and proceeds to look for work finally seemingly securing something at a local diner, but as what? A female roller skating waitress of course! The worst part of it is that the opposing team captain who caused his injury is taken with the faux female. It's the beginning of a whole new world for our young man. Definitely "a comedy of errors".

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    Danny looked at the skirt, the leotard, the wig and all the assorted items he still held in his arms. He tossed them onto a chair in disgust.

    He looked at them again.

    Was he really thinking of doing this? I mean, the alternative was to be arrested. Although if he put on the waitress uniform he would probably still end up getting arrested, only in a dress. Or possibly spanked and then arrested. In a dress. but $5000!

    Danny whipped off his Jersey and shorts, deciding to make this decision without thinking. He picked up the leotard, and tried to figure it out. It had a snap crotch, which did not look as if it would simplify anything. The leotard was humiliating, then then he remembered the bra.

    "Stupid bra!" he said under his breath as he set aside the leotard and instead considered, for the first time in his life, how to put on and do up a bra. The unruly item of feminine frippery somehow refused to bend to his will, but he persisted. After several failed attempts he finally just did it up and pulled it over his head like a shirt...

    ..."Hey I don't have all day!" shouted Sergeant Dillon from the diner. Danny jumped out of his chair, skated over to the door and took a deep breath. Then he realized exactly what he was doing.

    "I am not going to do this!" he decided, chickening out after looking again at his pink skirt and bare legs.

    "Service!" shourted the Sergeant, and Danny jumped into the diner out of pure fear.

    "Well look at you!" said the Sergeant. "Aren't you a pretty little thing? Come on over here and do a spin for me!"

    Danny skated over to the Sergeant's table, and spun around on his skates...

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    Can't wait for the next book. The story is simple, clear-cut, no nonsense and immediately went for the good stuff with sort of well flow transformation (hopefully not permanent).
    Unfortunately, the thing that I didn't like is the protagonist easily gives up the main identity and simply gives in to the new role and the antagonist is a bit of a pushover and simply just got the girl immediately and sold the protagonist off.
    Overall, I hope it didn't forget the main plot/mcguffin on the next book for why the protagonist got there in the first place.