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This resembles Shakespeare's Midsummer's Nights Dream in so many ways. Disguise, gender swaps, mistaken identity - they are all in there. Our protagonist, Jim, is just a basic corporate climber trying to navigate the ladder without a primary asset, his wife who has just left him. He can't marry his girlfriend, Anita, or, it seems, even sleep with her, as long as he is married. He even has been lying about the solidity of his marriage at work, so when it is time to show up at a do with a wife, he is really in trouble. He discovers his roommate is a crossdresser, but as he is about to throw hi out, Anita has an idea. Now just because you think you know exactly how this all plays out, you are going to be very wrong!

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    It must have been an hour before we eft the Ladies' Room. The supper was over, the cleanup in full throttle, and wine being poured. Speeches were being given by voices that weren't female even though they came from the mouths of very pretty women.

    "I need to speak to my friends, the judges," Guy said as I clung to his arm, this being the only way to get properly out of the place. He kissed me. He was right about how the drugs made me feel. Oh I had to keep on doing that, kissing him, as I felt so girlie and femmy. Oh I was high, I know, but I was a beautiful queen, wasn't I. Guy had told me I was.