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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

An extreme and sexy story, this is the autobiography of a transvestite who evolves into a crossdressing domme, experiencing a wide range of fetishes and kinks as she grows into the role.

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    "Where are we going tonight?"

    "I kinda thought we'd stay home and watch telly," I answered dubiously.

    "I watched the danged telly all week!" she objected. "There's this club I heard about from one of the locals that's devoted to the horsey set and I would like to see that! It has always interested me." she explained.

    "What? Riding a horse?" I asked dubiously.

    She laughed. "No silly, of course not. It's not that kind of club."

    "Well what is it then?"

    "It's people who pretend they're horses in harness and bridles and bits and saddles and everything and their owners and drivers and riders!" she enthused.

    I have to admit, I was intrigued.