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Ms. Wright tells a tale of the inexorable pull of feminine clothes that some men feel. Richard Anderson is the one son of a wealthy English family with a secret that begins to take over his life. Lingerie, makeup, heels and cosmetics pull him deeper and deeper into a feminine existence and even into the arms of an unsuspecting, handsome man.

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    One look at the stunned expression on Paul's face, inches from mine, removed all doubt that I'd presumed too much, as a girl, or overreached myself. He was as stunned as I was. Yet the desire for me, (for me !), was clear on his face, just as I had imagined that it would be some day. Our next kiss was even more rapturous than the first and drew him across the sofa right on top of me. Every nerve was on fire as my body became engaged in the chaotic tumult of my longing for him.

    My ears roared. My mouth twisted to take more and more pleasure from him. i frantically pushed my body against his so that every wonderful sensation of being a woman with a man could be mine.