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Richard, now known as Julia, and having fathered a child while on his own in London, is also now a mother. His family, who had rejected him, now wants him back as his son could become the male heir to the name, title, lands and wealth. The man he once fooled early on in the story has reappeared, but for what? To complicate Julia's life, or for something more romantic?

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    Paul took out a little box that instinctively I knew was an engagement ring.

    "No, Paul!" I gasped again, trying to gain control of my wavering emotions. "I'm not marrying you! You know I'm not a woman. You must have seen that in the hospital!"

    Paul got up, his face a mask, his angular chin jutting forward. He came towards the desk. I tried to shrink back into my chair, my hands gripping the silk of my dress tightly, though what defence that would have been, I've no idea.