Mags Inc
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Nick, a successful businessman, is offered a golden parachute by his company, part of which is that for the next 5 years, he will be paid half salary for not working. He and his wife agree that as she has a demanding full-time job, the chores of supporting the house, should fall to him. He practically is working as a housemaid, isn't he?

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    A jolt went through me like an electric current. Did I just hear that? Was she asking me to buy a housekeeper uniform? She even mentioned a dress. I felt weak at the thought. She clearly understood that her words had made an extreme impression as she continued.

    "Before you react either positively or negatively, let me add this. Starting Monday you will be staying home, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and all sorts of other mundane chores. Knowing you, you would have ended up in a skirt and top or a dress anyway. I know that it's one of the reasons you have agreed to these responsibilities."