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Our story of Nick, now Nicky the housemaid, continues.

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    She looked at me, her eyes sparkling from excitement and mis- chief, “Come here maid and be quick about it!”

    “Yes Madam,” I said feeling that the Mistress/maid syndrome was back in the air. I fast approached her.

    “Kneel in front of me!”

    I awkwardly did it feeling a bit puzzled, as my submissive genes started kicking in. That wasn’t Pam’s style. She never had asked me before to kneel in front of her.

    “Are you a servant Nikki? Do you really like being one?”

    “Yes Madam, you know that I like being a servant, I have been one for several month now and literally speaking, I feel it more and more on my skin; look at my red hands.”

    She smiled at my remark and continued, “But you are MY servant, Nikki! Mine and only mine. And I’m the one who will decide where and for whom you are going to work as a maid, cleaner or whatever else I consider fit for you. So don’t commit yourself to Arka or Miss de Laurentis or any other potential employer unless you come to me first. Is that clear?”

    “Yes Madam, I belong to you and you are the one who decides,” I answered feeling very humble now.