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This is the story of a young man who unfortunately happened to be named Vivian Fauntleroy Walker.The time is 1893 and petticoat punishment is certainly well known, especially by his Grandmother.

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    Vivian blanched, but did as he had been ordered. Well he knew the penalty for refusal, a sound smack-bottom on the bare and then be forced to sit on the man's lap anyway! Grandmother had twice subjected him to such an ordeal in Vivian's memory and he did not wish a third exposure.

    His rouged lips creased in a forced smile, Vivian slipped into the man's lap and draped an arm around the man's neck. As he had known would happen, His Lordship's one hand began to caress the tops of his thighs while the other hand went under his skirt to caress and cup his bottom possessively.

    "Give us a kiss, m'sweet love," the old man whispered in Vivian's ear.