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From the back cover... 

"A thrilling adventure of sizzling, sensual, longing and the surprise fulfillment of forbidden fantasy. Away from the home in the privacy of his hotel room, Richard dresses as the female that he has always wished he could be. All is well until he steps onto his balcony to feel the breeze on his newly shaven legs."

And so his journey begins...

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    Richard was in heaven. He was strolling across the lobby, in heels, to take an elevator to the penthouse with the most beautiful woman he had ever even dreamed of and he was passing as a sexy, sensual woman too. Not a clumsy drag queen. Not a guy pretending to be a woman - a woman that everyone but him can see he wasn't. No. He WAS a woman. A desirable, beautiful. sexy woman! Alex proved it. The gentlemen in the bar proved it! Everyone in this lobby who was clocking these two extremely hot girls proved it!

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    From a friend

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    <p>Amazingly vivid writing - made me feel every word was real, true and was living inside of me. As Dylan wrote, "...every one of them words rang true
    And glowed like burning coal
    Pouring off of every page
    Like it was written in my soul..."</p><p>This book is that amazingly present and sensual! I really enjoyed it - as you can tell. I highly recommend it.</p>


    The Night

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    <p>Tawni Bonds is one of the hottest new writers for Mags Inc. How do I know? I wrote the forward to her fabulously semi-erotic book. I don't want to give story away, but book is full of exciting experiences and an unexpected journey to femininity. I believe, once you read the story, you will be asking Tawni for more. Enjoy!!!</p>