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This is the story of a horrible murder and the determination of a young boy to avenge his father's death. As he grows into manhood, cared for by his older sister, he gathers more and more determination as well as evidence to drive him to find the killers. That kind of determination helps him confront his need to become a woman as well.

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    My heart beat faster and my hands shook a little as I picked up the tube of pink lipstick. After applying the makeup I pressed my lips together. I replaced the lipstick in the purse then I opened the blusher case and picked up the small brush.

    "Start at the center of your cheeks and brush the powder in circles," she instructed.

    I did as she told me and then replaced the items in the purse.

    "Perfect. Now slip the purse over your arm and come with me."

    "Where are we going?" I asked with a touch of fear in my voice.

    "To give you some more practice," she said with a giggle.

    I followed her out of the bedroom, but stopped when she reached the front door.

    "I can't go outside," I whined.

    "Why not?" she asked me. 

    "Well walking around the house is one thing, but going out in public, I mean I don't know."

    "So when are you going to go out? Better to start right now and get used to being in girls' clothes and makeup so you can be seen by the general public who, because you can pass so easily, probably won't you at you twice when they see you."