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Detective Lieutenant Lynn Dexter has a secret, he likes to dress in women's clothes. but it hasn't stopped him from being a great cop. He also has a huge heart, so when he meets a teenaged girl, Holly Morgan, who has no place to go but back to the streets, he takes her in for the night. It leads to many more nights as the young girl is taken under his wing and a family is created.

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    "I'm sorry."

    "Don't be Holly. I was going to tell you about me, but I was afraid you'd hate me and want to up and leave me, and I don't want that! Never! Not ever!"

    "I can't explain why I have to wear girl's clothes." I began. "It's just that sometimes the urge gets so great that I cannot resist. It's like alcohol, one shot is never enough."

    "I can relate to that," Holly whispered. "That's one thing Georgia, my street friend, used to tell me, that she just knew she was a woman inside no matter what was shown on the outside and she could not deny her inner self."

    "I know how that feels!" I exclaimed. "Er... Lynn?" she began.

    "What Holly?" I asked.

    "I don't care," she whispered.